A Parody of Holiday Decorating – with Safety Tips

A Parody of Holiday Decorating – with Safety Tips

Twas the week before Christmas
And all through the town
Holiday decorations were popping
up all around

Lights to be hung!
Tinsel galore!
All those boxes from storage
I stacked on the floor

To the desk chair I flew
Must have been such a sight
As I scrambled on top
To hang those bright lights

As I stood on my tiptoes
Oh! That rolling desk chair
It slipped! and I flew!
Should have been more aware

And as I was falling
And landing (real hard)
I spied another option
Outside in the yard

And so out I ran
Forgot all that clutter
And tripped in my hurry…
Such words did I mutter!

Got untangled from tinsel
Just to stumble and sprawl
Into those ornament boxes
Out of which I slowly crawled

Gradually worked my way over
Closer to the shed
But the pathway was blocked!
and I had nowhere to tread

Pushed and pulled all those boxes
Out of the way
Ouch…Twisted my back!
“Lumbar Sprain” Doc would say

But then what to my wondering
Eyes finally appeared
A ladder with safety labels
(Which I promptly ignored..having no fear)

The spirits had cheered me
And tasted ever so good
I was feeling kind of tipsy
Certainly not being as safe as I should

So, I climbed to the tip
To the very top rung
Carrying those decorations up the ladder
That needed to be hung

And finally, just had one
final bling to be placed
Thought I could..reach….the……top
This job would be aced!

But I reached too far over
And fell off the ladder
And on the way down
Made such a clatter

The neighbors all ran
To see the damage I had done
And as the ambulance drove off
I missed the cookie party fun.

Injury statistics are reported
And now I am one
Unfortunately for me
The joyful season is done

In my sad story
A lesson can be learned
Benefit from my mistakes
And healthy redemption be earned

This holiday time
Be safe when you decorate
And use common sense
Or share the same fate

Be careful this season
Follow those safety rules
Have Happy Holidays
And choose the right tools!

Be safe!… I proclaim
When decorating at heights
Remember ergonomics and
Have a healthy Christmas night!

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 8,700 people were treated in emergency departments in 2002 specifically for decoration-related ladder injuries. Don’t become a statistic this year. Follow these tips for a healthy and happy holiday season.

As you hang lights and decorations, use a step-stool rather than furniture for items that are slightly out of reach. Never stand on any furniture that is not stable. Make sure that the stool is locked into the open position. For higher tasks, use a ladder that is in good condition. For every 4 feet that the ladder reaches up, the base should be 1 foot away from the wall. Follow all height and weight restrictions that are posted on the ladder. Do not climb above the maximum height posted. The ladder top should extend 3 feet above the surface you are trying to reach. When climbing the ladder, face it directly. Keep balanced over the middle of the ladder. Do not overextend your reach. Place the legs on a solid and level surface. If the ground is soft or uneven, use a plank of wood to provide stability.

Use proper body mechanics to avoid back pain when lifting boxes. Ask for help when lifting heavier objects. Hold objects close to the body, not at arm’s length. Do not lean forward at the hips when picking up items from low surfaces; rather, squat down, hold the item close, and use the strength of your legs as you stand up to lift the item. Do not twist or turn at the waist. Your toes should always face the surface that you are lifting the object from or placing it on.

Avoid excessive clutter that can cause you to trip. Place electrical cords away from general walking pathways or tape them down. Do not overload electrical circuits. Keep walkways clear of boxes and decorations. Avoid rushing through the holidays. Perform activities requiring the most safety awareness when you are alert and relaxed.

Be safe!  Be Healthy!  Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Marji