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2323 De La Vina, #106

Hand Therapy and Occupational Fitness Center of Santa Barbara

2323 De La Vina, Suite 106

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

805-682-3055 – phone

805-682-3035 – fax


8 thoughts on “Contact & Comments

  1. Hi Marji and Annette,
    Thank you so much for seeing me and my numb hand last week!
    (It is fine now. ) i just wanted to thank you and say that it was nice to see you again.
    Best regards,

  2. Sunday 1/13/2013

    I have an appointment with Marji Hajic at 10:00 AM on Monday X/XX/2013. However, I have an urgent business trip next week and thus will have to reschedule my therapy session for later in the month. Thanks.

  3. so many thanks to each of you…your kind and compassionate care and treatment is so much appreciated!
    with love

  4. Thanks, nh! I have not been active on this blog in several years. We are just trying to get back to it. What a pleasant surprise to see your comment!. It was a pleasure working with you and we continue to wish you all the best in your recovery! Best wishes, Marji

  5. Hello. You used to have a page that showed several hand and wrist exercises, including nerve glide exercises. Is that page still available?

  6. Hello,

    I just wanted to thank Marji and her staff for helping me with my sprained wrist. I was visiting SB for a few days and walked by the office and thought I should try and make an appointment as I had wanted a second opinion given that I have Kaiser and wasn’t sure if their treatment was as good as I could get through private insurance. So i was lucky to get an appointment and had a great treatment from Marji and she helped me understand what treatments she recommended and how to ask for them at Kaiser. She is very knowledgeable and was optimistic my wrist would improve as i was doubting my progress.

    I live in Malibu and if I didn’t have Kaiser and lived in SB, I would definitely seek ongoing care with Marji. I was lucky that even without a recommendation and knowing nothing about the staff, I took a chance and it paid off!! Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you for the kind comments! I hope that you are continuing to notice progress in your recovery. All the best, Marji

  8. Hi Marji,
    Its Stacy Cook from Hand Sig. I just saw a pt today for a walk up splint for distal radius fracture. She lives in SB so I gave her your contact info. Dr Knight is her Dr.
    Call me if you need any more info,
    818-224 38237

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